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Nail trends are continually changing, but one thing that can't be replaced is Acrylic Nails. Acrylic is a nail enhancement that is a mix of acrylic powder & acrylic liquid monomer. When combined it forms a blob of a jelly-like texture, placed onto the nail or tip to sculpt/shape and air-dried. Acrylic Nails will allow you to try different nail shapes easily since they are strong enough to hold without breaking. Let’s go beyond the basics with Acrylic Nails!

My Organic Nail Spa - The best nail in Long Beach CA 90808

Please keep in mind that without a trained technician, removing Acrylic Nails often results in damaging the nail bed, which means you may have to suffer through your nail growing out before getting another nail service.

My Organic Nail Spa - The best nail in Long Beach CA 90808

These nails are perfect for busy women who don't have time to get manicure every week. Their length is ideal for doing everyday jobs; still, it looks fancy and stylish.  If you love this nail design, just go for it. Call us now!

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